Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mia's 102nd Quilt Square: Franklin, Ohio

This is from my cousin, Lisa, and in a special way, my dear Aunt Anne as well. She included a very important piece of fabric. Her note reads "Mia, This is not the prettiest piece of fabric but it's very special to me in 2 ways. 1- it has my favorite color in it ~purple!! 2- It is cut from a spring tablecloth my mother used. I lost my mother March 25, 2006 so this is something of hers for you. I wish you could have met her. She had the best laugh." Her wish for Mia is "May you always find humor in any situation and learn to not sweat the small stuff. Always treat your mother with love and respect. She knows best... even when you will be 16 and think she couldn't possibly understand at all! Just remember, she was 16 at one time. She loves you so much and she hasn't even met you yet. Enjoy each other. Have fun! Welcome to our family!"

Thanks Lisa!

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