Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mia's 103rd Quilt Square: Franklin, Ohio

This is from my cousin Lisa's daughter. So I guess that makes her my second cousin. Missy and her husband, Chip, just recently added a sweet baby girl named Laila to their family. She included a fabric with stars on it. Up in the corner she wrote "My wish for you .... that you dance even though you are horrible and that you sing really loud even though it's worse than your dancing~it just makes you happier."

She included a beautiful note that reads "Dear Mia, I am so excited for you. You have been so blessed. God has put you into the hands of a wonderfully loving and caring mother. We took our time choosing our fabric. We wanted something that incorporated our family and yours. We chose this because it was the color of our wedding- pink and black. We want you to have as much love forever as we felt on that day and even more now since the addition of Laila. We also chose it because it looks like the night sky that held the stars that you and your mommy wished upon in hopes that you would find each other. The same sky that held your dreams each night even though you were in China and Mommy was in America. All our love.... Missy, Chip and Laila."

The big coincidence here that nobody knew until now is that I often look at the stars and think about Mia. I say little prayers for her and her birthmother while looking up at the stars in the night sky and then I say "I love you Mia. More than all the stars in the sky." True story. I swear. So this makes this particular fabric even more special to me because it will remind me of the time I spent waiting and dreaming of my daughter.

Thanks Missy! And Chip and Laila, too!

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