Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mia's 96th-99th Quilt Squares:New Lebanon, Ohio

These are my most favorite squares of all! I told my sister early into this project that I wanted the kids handprints for the four corners of the quilt. So here are Mia's cousins' wishes (with a little help from Aunt Carla obviously... LOL!) Check out her blog, Tales of the T's, to see their adventures.

My oldest nephew, Tanner's, wish reads "If you can give your daughter only one wish, let it be enthusiasm!" Then he wrote "My wish for Mia is enthusiasm!" and signed his name.

His brother, Travis, included a quote from Albert Einstein which is "Imagination is more important than knowledge." That's one smart 6 yr old! His wish for Mia is "Imagination". And he signed his name across the bottom all by himself.

Our little princess, Tatum, says "No joy on earth brings greater pleasure than a precious girl to be loved and treasured. Tatum's wish for Mia is to be loved and treasured (and spoiled rotten likes all princesses should be!) Then she signed her name on the bottom in perfect almost-4-yr- old penmanship.

Baby Teagan had a lot of help with his. But he said "Hey, what do you expect? I'm not even 2 yet!!" His card says "The laughter of a child is the light of the home! Teagan's wish for Mia ... lots of laughter."

I love these! Their handprint squares will be showcased on Mia's quilt and their wishes will be treasured forever. It'll be so fun to look back on these one day and remember how they waited for their cousin and how excited they were to finally meet her.

I love you T's!

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