Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mia's 108th Quilt Square: Wautoma, Wisconsin

This came from my maternal grandparents, Myra and Don, in Wautoma, Wisconsin. My grandmother is a very talented quilter. She'll be making Mia's quilt. So not only did she give us fabric but she made a block for the quilt. This fabric was from matching dresses that she made for my sister and I. I can't believe that she still had the fabric more than 30 years later! My grandmother wrote that this picture was her favorite of the two of us. It had to be 1974. My sister was born in January of that year. We're 2 years apart so I'm probably almost 3 in this pic. I'll include it in Mia's scrapbook. I'll update this post later when I get their good wish for Mia.

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