Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mia's 104th Quilt Square: A Special Place In Georgia

This is from my new bloggity buddy, Pug Mama, over at the Awaiting Ava blog. She and her husband, Big Daddy, their twins, J and J, and their daughter, A, are LID 3-8-06 for the future Ms Ava. She sent two different fabrics. The pugs are in celebration of her pug, Jeter. Her card quotes Swept Away by Geoff Moore. It reads "I would say your name a hundred times a day like speaking words of faith and with a mixture of hope and fear and trustI prayed for strength to wait and dreamed of how I'd feel the day you'd be in my arms. What once was just a dream is now reaching up to me and I hold her in my arms. Father, thank you for the way you held her all those days that we had to be apart." Her family's wish for Mia is "May all your dreams come true!"

Thanks Girl!

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