Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mia's 89th Quilt Square: Dayton, Ohio

This is from Chris W. She works with me at Erma's House (my second job). I love this fabric. For one, it's my favorite colors but it also has this very pretty shine to it. Lovely. Her wish for Mia is "May you share a life enjoying the simple things." She also included a translation of that phrase in Chinese. Chris included a favorite poem by Fannie Stearns Davis.

"For A Child"

Your friends shall be the tall wind,
The river and the tree;
The sun laughs and marches,
The swallows and the sea.
Your prayers shall be the murmur
Of grasses in the rain;
The song of wildwod thrushes
That God makes glad again.
And you shall run and wander,
And you shall dream and sing
Of brave things and bright things
Beyond the swallow's wings.
And you shall envy no man,
Nor hurt your heart with sighs,
For I will keep you simple
That God may make you wise

I love it. Thanks Chris!

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